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11 Common Workout Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

The importance of regular physical activity cannot be overemphasized. Working out is the best way out when it comes to improving cardiovascular health, muscle building, and even having that dream body.

Research shows that regular exercise has some mental benefits too, and should, therefore, be incorporated in people’s daily lives regardless of age and gender. The Good news is that working out from the gym is not a must as you can easily do it from the comfort of your home.

There are, however, some general mistakes that people tend to make while working out, and these may hinder your overall workout goals or even deem the whole session unfruitful.

In this article, I will highlight some of the most common workout mistakes people make and how to avoid them for a productive workout session.

Setting Wrong Goals

When it comes to what your aim for the overall exercise program is, be realistic. A proper way would be to focus on the small goals (like consistency in working out) rather than getting a six-pack in a few weeks.

That way, you’ll avoid the disappointment that comes with sky-high and almost unachievable expectations.

Inadequate or No Warm-Up

Warming up before working out helps you to endure the training session. Refrain from jumping right into the exercises and begin with some stretches or a five-minute walk on the treadmill. A great warm-up that leaves your muscles more flexible and ready for the workout.

Remember, the more intense the workout session, the longer you should take on your warm-up. For most exercises, though, five to 10 minutes of warm-up will be enough.

Failure to Hydrate Properly

Stick to the old six-eight glasses of water a day rule, and you are good to go. Working out causes you to lose water through sweat, and also induces lactic acid to build up in muscles.

Proper hydration is essential as it also keeps your joints cushioned and stabilizes your blood pressure. This way, you can work out in your best condition, making your workout more effective.

Allowing Distractions

Interruptions during an exercising session are inevitable, but you should them entirely. Other than taking time off your session, they can lead to serious injury – it only takes a split-second.

One way to evade them is by keeping your phone away during the workout and minimizing the chats with friends to focus on the activity and your body entirely.

Rushing to the Equipment

Using workout equipment for exercise is usually a good start. However, body-weight exercises are considered more effective and should be part of your routine.

Do away with fitness equipment for a while and concentrate on the full-body training. It reduces both your risk for injury and the cost of exercise.

The good thing is, there are multiple workout exercises you can do that do not require any equipment.

Wrong Posture During Exercise

Your body should in the right position at all times while exercising.

A slouched posture and rounded shoulders are a recipe for disaster when it comes to working out. Your shoulders should be down and back and your back straight to avoid strains on your body.

Staying in Your Comfort Zone

You may find yourself sticking to one workout program for an extended period. Doing the same workout over and over leads to the muscles hitting a plateau hence not yielding the required results.

Additionally, it denies you both the chance to work all the muscles and to have proper recovery and rest.

By adding variety to your workout program, you are not only focusing on your goals but also being a step closer to achieving them. Using a training app or online videos can significantly help with this.

Taking Long Breaks

Resting between sets is necessary but should not be overdone. Let your resting period last about 30 -60 seconds as you do not want your body cooling down too much.

You also want to maintain your elevated heart rate as you go on to the next set of activities for the day. It makes sure you can do more exercises at optimum energy levels.

Ignoring Stretching After Workout

Workout mistakes

Stretching after the workout is over does not sound that big of a deal, but it is. It is essential both for cooling the body and reducing stiffness in your muscles.

A full-body stretch accelerates muscle and joint recovery as well as clearing waste by-products that gather while exercising. Take about 5 minutes after your workout and do some slow targeted stretches. You’ll thank me later!

Eat Right After Working Out

Naturally, you are likely to have a ravenous appetite after a workout session and may be driven to munch whatever lands on your hands first. If you go for the wrong foods, your workout may end up being a waste as it may bring all the lost calories back.

For your muscles to be fueled enough for the next workout session, ensure that you have carbs and proteins as these aid in rebuilding the body’s glycogen stores while repairing and re-growing the muscle proteins.

Not Having Enough Sleep

Getting enough sleep is vital when it comes to fitness as it helps in muscle recovery.

Poor sleeping habits will leave you fatigued and unable to complete your next workout session in optimum time and energy levels.

Ensure you get restful sleep habitually so that your muscles are ready for more exercise in the following session.

The Bottom Line

Consistent exercising and physical activity come with various health benefits. The 11 workout mistakes highlighted in the post tend to happen commonly while exercising, and some may lead to severe injuries. Get to know of ways to avoid them for a productive workout session.

Which of the mistake(s) are you guilty of?

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